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Comfortable Fabrics for the Summer

It’s difficult to imagine our Summer heat and humidity with the cold weather the Winter has dragged into our Spring.  However, the Summer months will soon be upon us and it’s important to keep that in mind when dress-shopping.  The fabric of your dress is a very important aspect to consider when dress-shopping.

CM Couture’ Style 1064 is a perfect dress for an event taking place in the outdoors.  This beautiful, long, evening gown has an elegant swoop neckline and sophisticated belt of beautiful beadwork around the bodice.  Made with chiffon, this breathable fabric will allow you to feel comfortable while you dance the night away in the summer heat.

Hang Tags 1064







CM Couture’s Style 1065 is a gorgeous dress for an event taking place in a banquet hall.  This beautiful, long, evening gown has stunning hand-beaded lace on the bodice.  Made with satin and complimented with a ¾ sleeve bolero, this dress is perfect for the air-conditioned banquet hall.








CM Couture’s Style 5075 is a simple yet elegant dress for an event taking place either outdoors or indoors.  This elegant, long, evening gown has a rouched bodice and a v-neckline.  Made with jersey fabric, this dress is perfect for the hot weather outside, and the cool weather inside.

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Who says you have to choose between comfortable and stylish? With CM Couture’s collection, you can have both!

Happy Shopping!

Avoid the Stress, Give yourself Time!

My beautiful mothers of the bride and groom:

Dress shopping can be overwhelming and intimidating at first glance.  There are so many questions to ask yourself: should you go with a short gown, a long evening gown, a sexy dress, a more conservative dress, a flowy-style dress, a mermaid-style dress, a dress adorned with beading, a dress with minimal beading, a dress with a v-neckline, a strapless dress, a silk chiffon dress, a taffeta dress, etc.  But what many mothers of the bride and groom fail to remember through this roller-coaster that is dress-shopping is the delivery time!  Most dresses require between 10-12 weeks for delivery.  Also, upon arrival, a dress will require alterations and that will require fitting appointments.  In order to have enough time to shop around, find the perfect dress, wait for its arrival, and have the dress altered, we recommend our mothers of the bride and groom giving themselves between 6-8 months prior to the event date.

Don’t walk down the aisle on your child’s special day in a sample, off-the-rack gown.  Wear a gown that will make you feel beautiful.

1228Front 1228Back








Happy Shopping!

Oscar Worthy!

Hollywood actress and singer, Mariah Carey, wowed critics at the Oscars wearing a stunning, long evening gown from famous designer Valentino.  Critics loved this dress because it hugged all the right places on Mariah Carey’s curvaceous body.









CM Couture’s Style 1073 is a beautiful chiffon gown that will definitely make a statement at your next event.  Its intricately rouched bodice is adorned with crystal broaches on both sides, and can be worn on or off the shoulder.  This sheath style gown is perfect for a Spring and/or Summer event.








Happy Shopping!

Fabrics for the Season

Finding a dress that meets all the criteria for your event can be stressful as it is.  Add the pressure of finding a gown that is weather-appropriate; and you have yourself one roller coaster ride!

The industry season is divided into two season, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

It is important to note; besides garden and destination weddings, most gowns in the CM COUTURE collection can be worn all year round.  That’s because weather your event is in the summer, spring, fall or winter, the temperature is regulated indoors, so no need to dress for outside weather.

But not to fear!  Thanks to the carefully selected fabrics by  CM Couture designer Clare Nisker, these beautiful evening gowns will ensure both comfort and style!



CM Couture’s Style 1065 is a year round dress.  Made with a combination of a light silky satin and silk chiffon overlay this sweetheart strapless gown can be worn to any indoor event, (optional straps included).  A beautiful, ¾ sleeve bolero will make you not only feel elegant  but gives the coverage you may need.





CM Couture’s Style 1129 is the perfect dress for your Spring, Summer,Autumn and Winter event.  Made with a light Taffeta fabric and hand-beaded lace overlay, this gorgeous, long evening gown will not only make you feel elegant and beautiful, but will also give you upper-body coverage(bolero and shawl included).





CM Couture’s Style 1109 is yet another great all- year-round dress.  Made with Silk Chiffon, this beautiful, long, evening gown will feel light and airy as you dance the night away at your special event!  A bolero and shawl are included to give more options.  Different colors offered make this gown a possibility for any customer as the fit will compliment any body shape. Just choose  a color that will be compliment you, the season and theme of the event.  Silver and Plum shown are just a few of the colors offered.




CM Couture’s Style RA-G49 is the perfect dress for your Spring-event!  Made with light Taffeta fabric with hand-beaded floral lace overlay,  this beautiful, elegant, strapless gown is the perfect balance for any indoor event.









McQueen at your fingertips!

Hollywood actress, Jessica Chastain, famous for her lead role in the Oscar-nominated film “Zero Dark Thirty “, wore an absolutely beautiful, long, sexy gown to the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles last year.  This beautiful masterpiece was none other than the work of the talented late-Alexander McQueen, from his autumn collection in 2013.



McQueen’s gown, featuring a sexy silhouette and elegant sweetheart neckline, paved the way for Chastain to receive rave reviews on her choice of attire for the event.  But not to worries ladies! You too can wear the same Coutier flair like McQueen with CM Couture’s Style 1109.





Style 1109 is a sexy gown ideal for all body types.  Made in silk chiffon, this beautiful long gown is perfect for all occasions.  Featuring a sweetheart neckline and rouching at the bodice of the dress, you too can wear an elegant, sophisticated, classy and sexy gown at your next event with CM Couture’s Style 1109.




Happy Shopping!

Customer Service – more important than ever.


By: Clare Nisker

G49Thankfully to Boutique owners, dress shopping is still a niche industry that  requires valuable customer service an attention to detail.  Evening gown and bridal boutiques will always have a purpose in the marketplace despite the new era of online shopping.  A purchase made at a Boutique offers you the pampering and attention you deserve to look fabulous from head to toe.  What is the most important aspect of purchasing an evening gown? The Customer Service that succeeds your purchase. Put your trust in the experienced sales staff and give them the benefit of the doubt when they offer their opinion.  They deal with numerous dress collections and women of all shapes and sizes on a daily basis.

Visit boutiques that have been in business for a good number of years; they’re more likely to be organized, stable, have a great rapport with vendors and most importantly, they have experience.

Support your boutiques; without them, their expertise, alteration facilities and customer service, buying a gown off the internet just sounds plain nerve-racking.

The Perfect Style For You


By: Clare Nisker


GOAL: To find dress style(s) that best suit your figure and camouflages your troublesome spots.

Firstly, visit a boutique where you will be greeted by qualified sales staff is ideal.  They can save you a whole bunch of time and can tell right away which gown style(s)  best suits you.  Once you figure out your ideal dress silhouette(s), you can narrow down the selection of dresses from which to choose form whether for Prom, Mother of the Bride, Gala  or Guest at an event.

Try to see if you can figure out your body type at home.  In your bra and underwear stand at least 6 feet back from a full length mirror .  This exercise may be hard for many of us because after so many years, our perception of ourselves is often skewed (what we see in the mirror is not how others see us).   Try to look past yourself in the mirror,  you will then see the areas of your body that are disproportionately larger then the rest of your figure.

Basically, if you are bottom heavy, you should choose a gown that will even out the width at the top of your body. If you are top heavy you will have to even out the silhouette at the hips or better yet the bottom of the dress.  If the bottom of the dress is wider than your hips, your hips will automatically look smaller!

Your silhouette has a lot to do with your body shape, not to mention height, posture etc.  Whether you are at an ideal weight, 10, 50 or 100lbs over, everyone has a distinctive silhouette.

Choose a picture below that best applies to you.

Figure 1

Figure 2

figure 3








The yellow areas are making your body disproportionate, and to create the best silhouette for your body, you will need to offset them by choosing the correct gown shape.

Notice the red vertical lines, in the correct gown your bust and hips should be much more in balance with those lines and your waist should be on the inside of those lines.

When you balance out your proportions in a dress, you automatically look slimmer and deviate people’s eye from your larger areas.

Please keep in mind there are more than one style of gown for every silhouette. Moreover, there are some amazing styles out there that compliment every figure. Here are some examples.

IMG_2054Figure 1:

If you gain weight all over, you will need a gown that will give you a shape. Mermaid gowns are an ideal silhouette because of the hour glass shape it forms at the knee.





Figure 2: 81959

If your problem area is your mid-section, then you will have to smooth out the transition from your mid-section to your hips. A free flowing skirt or A-line skirt is ideal.






Figure 3: 

If you tend to be bottom heavy, you will need to bring the eye upward toward your bust or waist.  Also look for styles that have a sleek transition from waist to bottom to creat a stream line.




These are the basic rules for choosing a dress shape for your figure.  However, fashion is exciting and dynamic. If you are bottom heavy and absolutely love a mermaid gown, you can offset it by adding capped sleeves and that will visually offset your hip proportions.  Use your creativity or the creativity of the staff at the boutique, use their experience and know-how and you will end up with a gown you will feel and look your best!


Guidelines to Necklines

The neckline on a dress – whether it be a mother of the bride/groom dress, a prom dress, an evening dress, or even a casual party dress – is a crucial aspect of the gown itself.  Being the closest feature of the dress towards the face, the neckline can be the determining factor if the dress will or will not be flattering on your body shape.

Here are a few tips that will help take the edge off of your dress shopping experience:

Ladies with a short, wide neck:  Look for dresses that have a scoop neckline.
Perfect dress: CM Couture’s Style 1064










Ladies with a long, thin neck:  Look for dresses that have a high collar neckline.
Perfect dress: CM Couture’s Style 5095










Ladies with a larger bust and shorter décolleté:  Look for dresses that have a v- neckline.
Perfect dress: CM Couture’s Style 1227

1227Parisian Blue front









Ladies with a smaller bust and longer décolleté:  Look for dresses that have a higher neckline.
Perfect dress: CM Couture’s Style RA-G49









Email us at to find a store near you!  Happy Shopping!

Dress like a Celebrity!

Hollywood Actress, Julie Delpy, wore a stunning Jenny Packham dress last night at the Oscars. This flowy, long gown was adorned with crystals from neckline to hem and tied all together with a gorgeous array of beads on the bodice.








Our very own CM Couture designer, Clare Nisker, has created a beautiful, silk chiffon dress found in her 2014 collection that incorporates most of the aspects of Jenny Packham’s beautiful creation.  You too can feel as beautiful, powerful and elegant at Julie Delpy did in your very own Hollywood-inspired dress with Style 5101!









Style 5101 is a long, Grecian style, flowy dress that is tied beautifully together at the waist with a detailed, beaded belt.

Email us at and find out where you can purchase this beautiful dress.

Happy Shopping!