The Perfect Style For You


By: Clare Nisker


GOAL: To find dress style(s) that best suit your figure and camouflages your troublesome spots.

Firstly, visit a boutique where you will be greeted by qualified sales staff is ideal.  They can save you a whole bunch of time and can tell right away which gown style(s)  best suits you.  Once you figure out your ideal dress silhouette(s), you can narrow down the selection of dresses from which to choose form whether for Prom, Mother of the Bride, Gala  or Guest at an event.

Try to see if you can figure out your body type at home.  In your bra and underwear stand at least 6 feet back from a full length mirror .  This exercise may be hard for many of us because after so many years, our perception of ourselves is often skewed (what we see in the mirror is not how others see us).   Try to look past yourself in the mirror,  you will then see the areas of your body that are disproportionately larger then the rest of your figure.

Basically, if you are bottom heavy, you should choose a gown that will even out the width at the top of your body. If you are top heavy you will have to even out the silhouette at the hips or better yet the bottom of the dress.  If the bottom of the dress is wider than your hips, your hips will automatically look smaller!

Your silhouette has a lot to do with your body shape, not to mention height, posture etc.  Whether you are at an ideal weight, 10, 50 or 100lbs over, everyone has a distinctive silhouette.

Choose a picture below that best applies to you.

Figure 1

Figure 2

figure 3








The yellow areas are making your body disproportionate, and to create the best silhouette for your body, you will need to offset them by choosing the correct gown shape.

Notice the red vertical lines, in the correct gown your bust and hips should be much more in balance with those lines and your waist should be on the inside of those lines.

When you balance out your proportions in a dress, you automatically look slimmer and deviate people’s eye from your larger areas.

Please keep in mind there are more than one style of gown for every silhouette. Moreover, there are some amazing styles out there that compliment every figure. Here are some examples.

IMG_2054Figure 1:

If you gain weight all over, you will need a gown that will give you a shape. Mermaid gowns are an ideal silhouette because of the hour glass shape it forms at the knee.





Figure 2: 81959

If your problem area is your mid-section, then you will have to smooth out the transition from your mid-section to your hips. A free flowing skirt or A-line skirt is ideal.






Figure 3: 

If you tend to be bottom heavy, you will need to bring the eye upward toward your bust or waist.  Also look for styles that have a sleek transition from waist to bottom to creat a stream line.




These are the basic rules for choosing a dress shape for your figure.  However, fashion is exciting and dynamic. If you are bottom heavy and absolutely love a mermaid gown, you can offset it by adding capped sleeves and that will visually offset your hip proportions.  Use your creativity or the creativity of the staff at the boutique, use their experience and know-how and you will end up with a gown you will feel and look your best!