Complimentary Dress Colors for Your Hair and Skin Color!

Dear Mothers of the Bride/Groom,
On your child’s special day, eyes will also be on you and it’s important to feel radiate elegance and sophistication.
Two special and important aspects that go hand in hand when considering your dress is color.
Does the color of the dress compliment your skin tone, does it make your eyes pop? When choosing a dress color, pay special attention to the way it contrasts with your hair color. Ask yourself, is the dress color too close to my hair color? Is the dress color too close to my skin color? Hair color should complement and stand out from the dress.

Having said that, Navy’s and Plum families look good on about everyone. Dress colors generally women need to avoid would be Beige, Ecru, Stone or Champagne because they can easily wash out skin and hair.

CM Couture’s Style 1210 comes in the color Navy. This beautiful, long, evening gown, and intricate beadwork from neckline to knee, is a color that compliments all hair colors.









CM Couture’s Style 1109 comes in the color red. This stunning, long, evening gown, with a layered silhouette, would look stunning with those who have dark-colored hair or Golden Blonde.









CM Couture’s Style 1218 comes in the color silver. This gorgeous, long, evening gown with lace-capped sleeves, and intricate, hand-beaded lace from bodice to hemline, would look best with those who have brown or black hair.









Remember, whether it is your skin or hair color, one or both of the two have to contrast the gown color, what you need to avoid is your skin blending with the color of the gown.  Also, make sure the gown does not bring out the yellow, blue or green in your skin tone.
If color theory is not your strength, not to worry, that’s what those amazing and experienced sales ladies are there to assist you with.
Happy Shopping!