Customer Service – more important than ever.


By: Clare Nisker

G49Thankfully to Boutique owners, dress shopping is still a niche industry that  requires valuable customer service an attention to detail.  Evening gown and bridal boutiques will always have a purpose in the marketplace despite the new era of online shopping.  A purchase made at a Boutique offers you the pampering and attention you deserve to look fabulous from head to toe.  What is the most important aspect of purchasing an evening gown? The Customer Service that succeeds your purchase. Put your trust in the experienced sales staff and give them the benefit of the doubt when they offer their opinion.  They deal with numerous dress collections and women of all shapes and sizes on a daily basis.

Visit boutiques that have been in business for a good number of years; they’re more likely to be organized, stable, have a great rapport with vendors and most importantly, they have experience.

Support your boutiques; without them, their expertise, alteration facilities and customer service, buying a gown off the internet just sounds plain nerve-racking.