Dresses: The right dress?

The Classic, One-Shoulder Look

Hollywood and International actress, Penelope Cruz, has been listed as one of the ‘Top 10 Best-Dressed Female Celebrities of 2014’ so far.  While attending the Academy Awards 2014 during the Spring season, Penelope graced us with her presence, wearing a stunning, long evening gown from fashion designer, Giambattista Valli.  This beautiful, one-shoulder, blush coloured dress was definitely a gown to remember!


We at CM Couture have incorporated the classic, one-shoulder look in our dresses throughout the years.

Style 1035 is a gorgeous, long, evening gown with a beautiful flower on the shoulder, embellished in the center with beadwork.

1035 website








Style 1083 is a Haute Couture gown with a mermaid silhouette.  This beautiful, long evening gown may be worn as a strapless, sweetheart dress or a one-shoulder gown.









Style 1096 is a gorgeous, long evening gown, adorned from neckline to hemline with beautiful intricate beadwork and lace.  This beautiful gown has a stunning flower on its shoulder with intricate beadwork at its center.









Style 1228 is a simple yet elegant, long evening gown, adorned with beautiful bows, stunning beadwork and crystal embellishments.









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The 3 Top-Selling Dresses of the Week: Style 1209, 1008, 1227

Mothers of the Bride and Groom, if you’re shopping for a dress that will make you feel beautiful in your own skin, then look no further.   Below are the three top-selling dresses of the week for CM Couture.

CM Couture’s Style 1209 is a beautiful, long, evening gown made of soft, silky satin with a hand-beaded lace overlay.








CM Couture’s Style 1008 has become quite popular since the introduction of its new colour, Midnight Blue.  This elegant, long, evening gown is made of lace with hand beaded detail throughout.

1008 midnight blue

CM Couture’s Style 1227 has definitely been the top-selling dress this season!   This long, evening gown is part of our novelty exclusive lace collection.  It has hand-beaded detail throughout the entire gown with hand-cut applique bordering the entire neckline, front and back.

1227 for website







For more information on authorized CM Couture retailers that carry the dresses mentioned above, please email us at od@cmcouture.com.

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Don’t take the Risk, Don’t Buy Dresses Online!

Mothers of the Bride and Groom, we can not stress enough the importance of buying your beautiful, long, evening gowns at an authorized retailer in person!  Buying gowns online is a risk that no one should be taking unless the website has been verified as an authorized retailer/distributor!

Below is a link of a mother of the bride that took that risk, bought what she thought would be a beautiful, elegant, short cocktail dress for her son’s wedding, and instead ended her dress-shopping experience in tears.


CM Couture does not sell its dresses online, to any website!  We only sell our dresses to authorized retailers throughout North America.  We believe that all mothers of the bride and groom should have the absolute best experience while dress-shopping for their child’s special event which is why we only sell our dresses to reputable retailers across the continent.

For more information regarding authorized retailers for CM Couture, please email us at info@cmcouture.com

Kate Middleton: The Epitome of Elegance

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wowed the world as she graced us with her presence on the red carpet of the Tusk Foundation gala and dinner last year.    Middleton wore a stunning, long, evening gown from fashion designer, Jenny Packman.  This long, evening gown was adorned with handmade-beadwork from neckline to hem and shimmery crystals.

kate-middleton-sequins-JENNY PACKMAN






Mothers of the bride and groom, you too can look as elegant and beautiful as Middleton did with her Packman dress with your very own CM Couture Style 1218.









Style 1218 is a beautiful, long evening gown has a swoop neckline with hand-beaded detail on the bodice and capped sleeves.

Email us at info@cmcouture.com and find out you could own your very own Style 1218 dress!

Look Glamorous at Any Age!

Last night, Hollywood legend, Jane Fonda, was honoured with a ‘Life Achievement Award’ from AFI.  Fonda wowed everyone as she walked the red carpet wearing a Vera Wang, A-line, long, evening gown, with a swoop neckline.  Fonda looked absolutely amazing and showed the world that even in your late-70s, you too can wear a stunning, haute couture gown.









CM Couture Style 1228 is the perfect gown for our mothers of the bride and groom, to feel glamorous and sophisticated on their child’s special day.   This long, evening gown oozes elegance with its satin bows and crystal embellishment.  Made of triacetate, this beautiful, evening gown creates a sleek silhouette ideal for all body types and sizes.









Email us at info@cmcouture.com for more information on how you could feel as beautiful and elegant as Jane Fonda did with your very own Style 1228.

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Look Fabulous in Blue!

Hollywood starlet, Kristen Bell, wowed critics on the red carpet in a stunning, long, evening gown from fashion designer, Zuhair Murad.  As the hostess for last night’s CMT Music Awards 2014, Bell made sure that all eyes were set solely on her as she graced us with her presence in a black and blue embellished, sexy, long, evening gown.









Murad’s beautiful masterpiece reminds us of our CM Couture Style 1227.  It’s no wonder why it’s now been the top-selling dress for 2 weeks in a row!  What attracts our beautiful mothers of the bride and groom, and guests alike, to our dress, is how it hugs your silhouette – regardless of shape and size – in all the right places.  This stunning, long, evening gown gives us everything – sex appeal with its lowered back, elegance with its hand-beaded lace from neckline to hem, and envy of its beautiful, Parisian Blue colour!

1227 for website









Email us at info@cmcouture.com and find out how you can have your very own Style 1227!

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Feel Beautiful and Seductive in Fiery Red

The internationally famous ‘Victoria Secret’ Model, Alessandra Ambrosio, wore a stunning, long evening gown from renowned fashion designer, Nonoo at the CDFA Awards (Council of Fashion Designers of America awards) in NYC last night.   This beautiful, silk gown draped Ambrosio’s perfect silhouette and accented her waist so effortlessly with the criss-crossed rouching.









This masterpiece reminded us of our CM Couture Style 1109.  Our long, evening gown is made of silk chiffon and its layered silhouette hugs our beautiful mothers of the bride and groom in all the right places.

1109 copy








Email us at info@cmcouture.com and find out how you can feel as beautiful and elegant as Ambrosio did in our very own Style 1109!

Complimentary Dress Colors for Your Hair and Skin Color!

Dear Mothers of the Bride/Groom,
On your child’s special day, eyes will also be on you and it’s important to feel radiate elegance and sophistication.
Two special and important aspects that go hand in hand when considering your dress is color.
Does the color of the dress compliment your skin tone, does it make your eyes pop? When choosing a dress color, pay special attention to the way it contrasts with your hair color. Ask yourself, is the dress color too close to my hair color? Is the dress color too close to my skin color? Hair color should complement and stand out from the dress.

Having said that, Navy’s and Plum families look good on about everyone. Dress colors generally women need to avoid would be Beige, Ecru, Stone or Champagne because they can easily wash out skin and hair.

CM Couture’s Style 1210 comes in the color Navy. This beautiful, long, evening gown, and intricate beadwork from neckline to knee, is a color that compliments all hair colors.









CM Couture’s Style 1109 comes in the color red. This stunning, long, evening gown, with a layered silhouette, would look stunning with those who have dark-colored hair or Golden Blonde.









CM Couture’s Style 1218 comes in the color silver. This gorgeous, long, evening gown with lace-capped sleeves, and intricate, hand-beaded lace from bodice to hemline, would look best with those who have brown or black hair.









Remember, whether it is your skin or hair color, one or both of the two have to contrast the gown color, what you need to avoid is your skin blending with the color of the gown.  Also, make sure the gown does not bring out the yellow, blue or green in your skin tone.
If color theory is not your strength, not to worry, that’s what those amazing and experienced sales ladies are there to assist you with.
Happy Shopping!